Unique Railroad Spike Knives Now Available!

1These railroad spike knives make great gifts for the holidays or for any special occasion.  If you love oysters, you may find the railroad spike oyster shucking knives a great fit. Cheese and fruit on the menu? Or looking for a unique steak knife?  The hand turned railroad spike cutting knife will stand the test of time and use.  Click on this link for more information about these unique creations – https://halgonzalesjr.com/specialty-knives/.


Looking For Just the Right Gift?

ScreenHunter_202 Dec. 09 21.161115151522aIMG_4220It’s that time of year when everyone is searching for just the right gift to give their favorite oyster lover.  Why not try a unique hand-forged railroad spike oyster shucking knife?  See more information about this process and the knives click here – https://halgonzalesjr.com/blacksmith-and-forge/ or email me at 51gonzo46@gmail.com.

Blacksmith Forging Featured!

IMG_8474Working with a forge is hard work yet rewarding.  Working on new oyster shucking knives and railroad spike knives. See how it is done! For more information, click here  https://halgonzalesjr.com/blacksmith-and-forge/IMG_8482Blacksmith Working the Forge

Know Someone Who Loves Oysters?

ScreenHunter_164 Dec. 01 08.04Now is the time to think about those loved ones who adore oysters and love to shuck there own! With the holidaysIMG_7881 just around the corner, think about some unique gifts and beat the rush.  

Hal, the custom knife-maker and fellow oyster lover, has created a “new” knife never seen in IMG_7875the oyster market. It’s called the “BIG GRIP” for those with larger hands.

Check them out at https://halgonzalesjr.com/oyster-knives/. Just click on the images to enlarge for further inspection.




Hunting Knives Galore!

How Do You Choose a Hunting Knife? A quality huntin­g knife is versatile enough to do everything the average IMG_7843hunter. When you’re choosing a hunting knife, it’s important to consider how you’ll use it and the type of game y­ou plan to hunt. Clearly, the big game hunter will use a different type of knife than someone who hunts rabbits. And, if you think bigger is always better, you’d be wrong. An oversized knife will make cleaning small game harder, not easier, and increase your chances of cutting yourself.

I recently completed this collection and wanted to be sure to share them with my readers. If you know a collector that might just need a new treat, let me know.  After all, less than three months until Christmas! For more information and to view the knives, click here https://halgonzalesjr.com/hunting-knives/.