New Anvil Set-up in Process

Almost done! The table is built, the anvils have been moved. Next anchor them down.  Next time I update you I’ll be ready to hit the forge and start hammering! Stay tuned!

On Exhibit: Railroad Hooks to Custom-forged Knives and Hand-carved Irish Cudgel

Hand-forged knives and hand-carved Irish Cudgel are on display at the Sumter Gallery of Art during the Artists Guild Exhibition through August 2019.

Coehorn Mortars in all sizes

A bit of history -A Coehorn  was a portable mortar developed in the Netherlands by  Menno van Coehoorn in 1674 and in use from the seventeenth to the mid nineteenth centuries. Unlike larger, heavier mortars, the coehorn was designed to be movable by as few as four men. By the time of the American Civil War, it was in service with both armies in twelve (4.62″) and twenty-four pound varieties.

Unlike most other contemporary mortars, the coehorn fired a powder-filled, time-fused shell at a relatively short range. Range could be altered by adding to or reducing the amount of powder loaded behind the shell. Its usually small powder charge and slow muzzle velocity meant that the shell’s high, arching flight could be easily observed from ground level.

Small replicas of Coehorn mortars made of brass and steel with wooden bases. Size of barrels range from 6 to 10 inches. See more images on Specialty Knives page!




File Knives & A Viking Seax!

Check out this new creation created from an old file. The knife resembles a Viking Seax.



Unique Railroad Spike Knives Now Available!

1These railroad spike knives make great gifts for the holidays or for any special occasion.  If you love oysters, you may find the railroad spike oyster shucking knives a great fit. Cheese and fruit on the menu? Or looking for a unique steak knife?  The hand turned railroad spike cutting knife will stand the test of time and use.  Click on this link for more information about these unique creations –