Railroad Spike Oyster Knives

These simple and elegant, straight and twisted handle oyster knives are crafted from a high-carbon steel railroad spike. Each spike 1115151522amaintains its’ aged appearance by keeping the natural patina.

How is a knife made?  First the shape is formed by heating and hammering. Once the shape of the spike is created, further shaping and blade sharpening continue by using the grinder. Final step involved using the wire brush to give it a finished touch. 

Click on images to enlarge view. All twisted railroad spike knives and oyster shucking knives are unique and one of a kind since each is turned and hand-forged. 1

Caring for knives…soap or Brillo-type steel wool pad and water, coat with olive oil to maintain sheen and avoid future rusting.1a

Contact Gonzo for information about the  railroad spike oyster shucking knife at 51gonzo46@gmail.com.




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