Ulu Knives

What is an ulu knife?  Long ago, as early as 2500 BC, the ulu would be passed down from generation to generation. It was believed that an ancestor’s knowledge was contained within the ulu and thus would also be passed on. An ulu was an all-purpose knife traditionally used by  Yup’ik, Inuit, and Aleut women. It is utilized in applications as diverse as skinning and cleaning animals, cutting a child’s hair, cutting food and, if necessary, trimming blocks of snow and ice used to build an igloo. Today ulu knives are used for chopping veggies, cutting meats, cheese and pizza to name a few.



Most popular – Curved handle with curved blade, blade length 6 inches

How do you use one?  Grip the handle in the palm of your hand with the blade away from you. Place the item to be cut on a cutting board and use a rocking motion. You can also use the blade in a bowl using a rocking motion to chop your food. Sharpen your knife occasionally with a hard stone or steel.  When you are through with your ulu, just use soapy water, wipe dry and place back in it’s stand. Do not place in dishwasher.  Since these knives are not made of stainless steel, a natural patina may occur. If you want to remove this look use a touch of Eagle One Original Mag & Wheel Polish and your blade will look like new! Contact Gonzo for information about the Ulu at 51gonzo46@gmail.com. Click on images to enlarge view and read description of knife.







How They Are Made – Blade is drawn on steel.


Blade is formed and ready for sharpening.



Sharpening blade.



Forming and sanding handle



Ready for staining and polyurethane.



Ready for use!


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