Discover Your Pearl!

ScreenHunter_114 Nov. 15 15.26What makes an oyster knife invaluable to the oyster shucker? The grip, the fit, durability, sharpness and thickness of the blade, and the ease of shucking the oyster.

Who would love unique, one-of-a-kind oysterScreenHunter_119 Nov. 18 15.46 knife? You know who they are. Don’t wait until Black Friday! Click on Gonzo’s knives to see the full display of Galveston, Low Country, and the original New Orleans Shucker. They make great gifts for family members and friends. TIP of the Week: If you use a shucking board, you may have a safer shucking experience and probably save yourself a trip to the ER. Also, think of a project to recycle your oyster shells. ‘Tis the season!





IMG_8859IMG_8847 IMG_8850IMG_8851IMG_9146 




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