Oyster Lover’s Unite

IMG_9147People who care about oysters care about oyster knives. Period. And people with friends or family members who love oysters will IMG_6383love these shucking boards too. Some people will shuck for hours at a time and relish every briny minute of it, and they deserve a quality piece of equipment to do their bidding.  With this in mind, I hand-forged oyster knives and these will make perfect gifts. So do you need to find a present that is unique, creative, and a work of art? These items will be great for holiday gift-giving, for weddings and groomsmen, house-warming events, or these items make a great gift to give to yourself “just because” you deserve it! These are just a few reasons a hand-carved oyster shucking board and knife should make your wish list!

Image Left: Oyster Knives

Image Right: Hand-carved Oyster Shucking Board  and Antique Railroad Spike Oyster Shucking Knife


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